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Message from the Representative Director

In recent years, cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated and malicious, and now pose a major threat to society. As typified by the connected car, cars are now connected to the Internet, and are therefore exposed to major threats.
In order to address this trend, it is necessary for multiple operators to cooperate in gathering and analyzing threat information and to share information about the actions that should be taken. To this end, J-Auto-ISAC WG was established and has been active in the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association since 2017. Now, in order to strengthen the information sharing and analysis system, the WG has been developed into General Incorporated Association Japan Automotive ISAC (J-Auto-ISAC) in cooperation with the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association.
We believe that ensuring the safety of automobiles is a social mission for businesses involved with automobiles. In order to respond appropriately to new cyberattacks, J-Auto-ISAC intends to cooperate with various relevant operators to share and analyze information, establish cyber security, and contribute to ensuring the safety of automobiles.
We hope that relevant operators will actively participate in J-Auto-ISAC. We also appreciate your warm support and encouragement.

Japan Automotive ISAC Representative Director