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ABOUT Japan Automotive ISAC (Prospectus)

Background of Establishment

Today, cyberattack techniques are becoming more diverse and sophisticated at an accelerated speed, and damage caused by cybersecurity incidents are rapidly increasing.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves, automobiles are not only connected to automotive devices, but also to a variety of external devices and equipment.

In the future, increasing our ability to respond to cybersecurity risks is imperative to the safe and reliable use of our vehicles and related services.

OEMs, suppliers, and providers of related services must work closely with cybersecurity experts and others to ensure that timely initiatives are always implemented.

The founders of this organization will establish Japan Automotive ISAC, a General Incorporated Association.

Purpose of Establishment

We will promote information sharing and analysis of cybersecurity risks and strengthening of our cybersecurity response capabilities to ensure the safe and secure use of vehicles and related services in Japan.


General Incorporated Association Japan Automotive ISAC
Level 28 Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-6028, Japan
Date of Establishment:
February 5, 2021 Scheduled to become active in April 2021
Representative Director:
Ryoichi Sasaki (Advisor and Visiting Professor to Tokyo Denki University)


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