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Activity Principles

  1. Prevent the occurrence of security incidents and the spread of damage
    …Including collecting and analyzing information concerning threats and vulnerabilities and sharing relevant information
  2. Plan and provide support for cybersecurity measures
    …Including introducing management and system measures
  3. Plan and provide support for measures to develop cybersecurity human resources
    …Including providing and introducing various educational programs
  4. Provide support for system development
    …Including formulating policies and guidelines, and building and strengthening SIRTs
  5. Collaborate with external organizations
    …Including government agencies, other ISACs, Nippon CSIRT Association, IPA, JPCERT/CC

Overview of Information Provided

We will regularly distribute information about security threats and vulnerabilities to member companies. In addition, we will appropriately provide analysis reports from consultants and commentary from analysts. We will also provide information on the Dark Web.

Activities of Working Groups

We have three technical committees for information sharing, skill development, and promotion of solutions for specific issues. Each committee will address security analysis, operations, and solutions to problems.